Why Join HyperFund Global Through Us?

There are Two Ways to Get Started With HyperFund Global

1. As a Passive Member: You can join as a passive member and enjoy a minimum of 15% per month in a rewards which you can withdraw or rebuy 50HU mini memberships, providing you with even greater membership value. Once you sign up (Its Free with no obligation or pressure) and after you purchase a membership package, you become part of the community. We will take you through all the possible strategies to create the optimum returns.

2 As an Active Member and Affiliate (Community Builder): You can be an active member and an affiliate and enjoy an acceleration of your bonus rewards for sharing with others. By sharing the opportunity, you can access your rewards faster giving you even more than 15% per month. You set the pace! We'll show you how.

You need to join HyperFund Global through a member, so let us tell you why joining through us and under our team would be a great place to join the HyperFund Global Community as a passive member or as an active member.

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1. Join as a Passive HyperFund Global Member

Here are a few reasons why you should join through us even if you choose to be a Passive Member.

Complex Technology

The blockchain and crypto currency is continuously evolving and can be rather complex if its not your core business.

Tutorials and Technical Trainings

The membership team offers access to a good number of  tutorials that will help you understand the opportunity better and increase your rewards.

If you fully understand the opportunity and are properly structured you would be in a better position to increase your rewards from the expected 15% per month.

WhatsApp and Telegram Support

Once you have joined through us, you will have access to support via WhatsApp and be connected to our teams Telegram group for support.

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2. Join as an Active HyperFund Global Member

Here are a few reasons why you should join through us if you choice to be a team builder and maximize your rewards.

Zoom Training Presentations

You will have access to Zoom Training presentations plus you may invite your prospective new members to our teams Zoom presentations that basically does the work for you.

Information Videos

Our team has tons of information videos that you are free to use to learn and send to your prospects.

WhatsApp and Telegraph Support

Your and your clients will be able to get support from our Teams WhatsApp and Telegram platforms.

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Benefits of Joining HyperFund Through Us

Maximize Your Membership Value and Rewards

Our team will help you to maximize your membership value and rewards even without introducing new members.

Get Free Back Office and Marketing Training

We will provide you with free training sessions that will ensure your success. You'll get the best training available.

Automated Your Prospecting System

Our team will help you with educating and clarifying the opportunity with your prospects through our regular Zoom sessions.