What Is HyperFund Global?

What Is HyperFund Global?

HyperFund Global is a completely passive rewards opportunity which rewards members between 0.5% - 1.0% daily of their membership value over 600 days, up to a total of 2x or 3x their package.

Membership packages start at 300HU, 500HU and 1000HU, purchased using USDT (ERC-20) or USDT (TRC-20). Although you can purchase as many multiples of these as you like as there is no limit. 1HU is approximately $1.

Once the Rewards balance equals at least 50HU, a member may choose to redeem, convert to digital currency, and withdraw. Alternatively, the HU can be used internally to "Rebuy", adding to the membership purchase thereby generating additional Rewards.

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About HyperFund Global Opportunity

Some internet marketing affiliate bloggers get free traffic from the search engines by labelling many opportunities as illegitimate, scam or ponzi scheme.

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For all those sceptics, we would like to refer you to the rebuttal article in response here »

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A Quick Guide On How To SignUp With HyperFund Global:

Click on the referral link that we will send you. Put your Username, your preferred Password (secure is better), and a GMAIL address in the next three fields

Then click "Send Code"

Check your email for the verification code and make sure you check your spam, as sometimes email providers may flag emails as spam.

Enter the confirmation code sent to your email and submit.

Log in with your new details and you are done.

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What Is HyperFund Global?