Is HyperFund Global Legit?

Is HyperFund Global Legit?

Is HyperFund Global Legit?

We are often presented with two common arguments or questions and would like to address them. Here they are;

1. "HyperFund Global Opportunity and HyperCommunity Platform operates as a pyramid scheme" and

2. "Why does HyperFund Global need people's money if they are so successful already?"

Below, we take the opportunity to address these two common arguments / questions raised on the whether HyperFund Global is Legit or a scam:

1. "HyperFund Global Opportunity and HyperCommunity Platform operates as a pyramid scheme".

This is one of the main arguments that is used by people to try to discredit HyperFund Global.

While it is true that HyperFund Global has a system to reward community builders who invite others to the HyperCommunity (as many other companies do), it is necessary to make it clear that HyperFund Global does not actually pay any commissions at all, but simply an acceleration of the 2-3x the membership rewards that their members are getting. In other words, by inviting others to join the HyperFund Global community, members simply get their rewards total of 2-3x issued FASTER.

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Let us also shed some light on the rewards in the HyperFund Global referral plan:

HyperFund Global's Community, VIP, and Global Rewards are Residual Rewards. This means that community builders receive a daily accelerated reward in the form of a small percentage of the rewards of their team. But the most important thing is that the origin of these payments ARE NOT THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF NEW MEMBERS, but rather obtained from the profits of the company.

Even if not a single partner joined the community, those rewards would continue to be given to members. Also, as mentioned above, this isn't commission, but rather an acceleration of the rewards that members are already getting for becoming members of the HyperCommunity, HyperFund.

2. "Why does HyperFund Global need people's money if they are so successful already?"

The reality is, their entire vision is far beyond money. When it comes to money, it's clear through the holdings, investments, and companies the HyperTech Group owns that they have generated billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies and helped incubate some of the biggest projects in crypto. The HyperFund Global project was created for these common reasons: 1) Mass adoption 2) Giving back to the world and giving members an opportunity to benefit from the growth of this industry as well.

One of the founders of HyperFund Global, Ryan Xu himself was named as a self proclaimed "Utopian Capitalist" by top global media outlet Washington Post and has always had a vision of a world where normal people have a fighting chance in a world where massive corporations control everything.

He wants to fix one fundamental flaw in the blockchain and crypto industry: the lack of loyal communities.

Multi-billion dollars multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon realize the power of community and users understand mass adoption cannot he achieved without loyal users. Many projects in the blockchain and crypto industry suffer the same fate, which is they are used as tools for speculation and greed, pumped and then dumped and the no actual value or underlying technology that can really change the world is ever realized.

If you research into the projects HyperTech is developing, such as HCash, MOF, and HyperDao, you will see that this is cutting edge technology developed together with prestigious universities and supported by governments. Ryan Xu wants these projects and his vision to truly be achieved.

By leveraging a community, where he and the team can share the profits on a daily basis that they make with their companies and in their many business ventures and reward the members for participating in his vision, not only is The HyperTech Group able to leverage the community membership to continually grow their ecosystem and work with new governments around the world, but something else powerful happens:

Happy members start to see value in their projects, exchanges and platforms and suddenly, the 100s of thousands or millions of people that were initially only leveraging HyperFund are now loyal users of their many exchanges, their wallets, and holding their tokens long term. Thus, a loyal community is built and transformative things can continue to happen with a strong community backing them.

And this is why Ryan and the whole HyperTech Group want and need a loyal community to take their ambitions and goals to the next level.

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