HyperFund Global FAQs

● How Long Have The Companies Comprising The HyperTech Group Been In Operation?

Between 4 and 6 years on average.

● Where Are Their Offices?

In a number of countries, but mainly in Hong Kong, China and Australia.

● How Does The HyperTech Group Make Its Money?

Primarily from its existing businesses, the tech incubation of new Blockchain projects and technologies in its ecosystem, fees and profits from its products and exchanges, investing in start-ups, listing of venture capital companies, mining of selected cryptocurrencies and launching of new tokens.

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● What Is HyperFund, The HyperCommunity, Exactly?

Essentially, the HyperTech Group's distribution and marketing channel.

Members of the HyperFund, HyperCommunity constitute the Group's users of its products and services.

● What Is The Value of Members Reward?

HyperCommunity members owning a HyperFund Global package (or packages) receive daily rewards of 0.5% per day, regardless of the package(s) bought. A month of 30 days at 0.5% per day equates to 15% per month.

● Where will I see the rewards paid to me?

As the owner of a package, you'll see the daily rewards in your back office.

● Is it possible to earn more than 15% per month?

It is possible, yes. By diligently following a rebuying strategy, and adopting a certain placement strategy.

● Are the rewards given for life?

Each time you receive a 0.5% daily reward, the cost of the package you purchased reduces by the amount of reward given to you. Daily Rewards are paid until you have been paid 3x the value of your membership purchase.

By adopting a "rebuy" strategy, you will also receive rewards on your additional packages and thus, receive daily rewards on multiple packages for the duration of these packages.

● So, my outlay for my initial package is not recoverable?

The cost of your initial package is given back to you by way of daily rewards over the duration of the package period.

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● Can I pay for a Hyperfund Global package using Bitcoin?

No, all packages must be paid in USD Tether (TRC20 OR ECR20 tokens).

● If I don't have USD Tether, where can I buy it?

You can use Bitcoin to buy USD Tether on a number of exchange platforms, of which OKex (okex.com) and Bittrex (bittrex.com) are to name a few.

Binance is also a recommended exchange. binance.com.

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● If I have not bought USD Tether before, are there any instructional videos I could watch?

Yes, you will find a simple-to-follow video in your back office once you have registered an account.

● If I am not a "techie", will I be able to follow the process?

If you follow the steps in the video, you should have no issues. That said, assistance will be available through Zoom video trainings and through the HyperCommunity Telegram group.

In our book, there is no such thing as a "silly" question so you will be free to ask any questions on the group.

● What if I have no Bitcoin or have not bought Bitcoin before?

You'd need to open an account on an exchange. Some of the global exchanges that people round the world can register at and use to fund their membership are Bittrex (bittrex.com), Binance (binance.com) or OKex (okex.com).

On creating an account, you'll be given your own unique Crypto wallet. Once you've uploaded the necessary documents to have your account verified, you can fund your account with your local currency and with it, purchase USD Tether ERC20 or USD Tether TRC20.

It's a relatively simple and straightforward process.

● The least expensive Hyperfund Global package?

The 300 HU package, costs approximately $300 USD. You can buy any multiple of this.

● The most expensive package?

The 1,000 HU package, costs approximately $1,000 USD. You can buy any multiple of this.

● What is "HU"?

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HU (Hyper Unit) is the equivalent to USD and has an approximately 1:1 value to the US Dollar. It is an internal value indicator that is used within the ecosystem in order to protect the value of your daily rewards. Essentially 1 HU equates to 1 USD.

● Is there a limit as to the number of packages I can buy?

No, there is no limit.

● Can one "top up" an existing package, by adding additional funds?

Yes, anytime. So long as it is in one of the following amounts: 300HU, 500HU or 1000HU. And so long as it is paid for using the USD Tether, the ERC20 or TRC20 token.

● Is there a time limit between registering an account and funding an account?

No, there is no time limit. Fund your account whenever you are ready to do so.

● Why is it important to keep "re-buying" packages?

The strategy of re-buying whenever you attain 50HU in rewards ensures that you continue to benefit to the maximum.

The aim is to accumulate as many packages as you can. The more packages you own, the more money you'll make over time.

● How easy is to "rebuy" a package?

It's an exercise in simplicity and involves nothing more than clicking the "Re-buy" tab in your back office.

● If I am not introducing others and building a team, do I still need to rebuy packages?

Yes, it makes sense to do so.

● Are there any fees to buy additional packages?

No. You only need to pay the cost of the package ie 300HU, 500HU or 1000HU depending on your choice of package.

● There is only one type of reward, yes?

No, there are two types: Passive rewards and Hyperdrive rewards.

Passive rewards are given to members all members for their membership package.

Hyperdrive rewards are to given to members who introduce others.

● Any differences between them?

Passive rewards can be withdrawn in their entirety, whereas only 80% of Hyperdrive rewards can be withdrawn.

The remaining 20% are placed into a "Certified account" on behalf of the member and are made redeemable for tokens at a pre-market value.

The amount placed into your "Certified Account" can be seen in your back office at all times.

● What are "Accelerated Rewards"?

Accelerated rewards (Hyperdrive rewards) are given to you on building a team, or on you personally buying additional packages.

The greater your rewards, the quicker you'll be able to re-buy, and the more 50 HU packages you'll end up with.

● If I introduce others who buy packages, do I receive commissions?

There are no "commissions" paid as such. The packages your team members purchase benefit you in terms of accelerated rewards, allowing you to re-buy quicker.

By introducing others, you are in essence helping accelerate your own rewards.

● Other than allowing me to buy Hyperfund Global packages, what other benefits are derived from being a member of the HyperCommunity?

Benefits range from learning about Block-chain technology through the education portal to buying into new crypto tokens (pre-launch) at an up to 30% discount to benefiting from occasional airdrops to being able to order the new Hypercard cryptocurrency VISA card through the community's HyperPay app.

As the HyperCommunity grows and evolves, there will be many more ways to benefit. It should be borne in mind that the HyperCommunity is still in its infancy, and that many new products and benefits will be introduced in time and made available to HyperCommunity members.

● What are the fees to withdraw my funds?

There is a 3HU would be approximately $3 fee each time you make a withdrawal.

That said, if you withdraw with the purpose of buying tokens in your back office, there is no fee payable.

● How do I make a withdrawal?

The steps to withdraw your funds are clearly explained in your back office. Note though that you can only withdraw once you have accrued a minimum of 50HU.

Withdrawals are made in one of two cryptocurrencies in the HyperTech Group ecosystem: HDAO and MOF (Molecular Future). See www.hyperdao.com

Both cryptocurrencies are listed and well positioned on Coin Market Cap (see coinmarketcap.com).

You could then elect to leave your funds in either coin, or exchange them into the cryptocurrency of your choice eg Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Tether (the stable coin linked to the US dollar).

You can then sell the HU into a fiat currency e.g. the rand or the USD, should you wish to do so.

● Can I make regular withdrawals?

You can, yes. Whenever you have a minimum of 50HU in rewards. This said, it would make more sense to withdraw periodic larger lump sums rather than small amounts due to the fees that become payable in the form of "gas".

The fees on the Ethereum Blockchain can sometimes be quite high, so doing less frequent - but larger withdrawals - might make more sense.

● When I withdraw, does it affect my daily rewards in any way?

No, it does not.

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● What is MOF (Molecular Future)?

A one-stop decentralised digital asset investment services platform. Founded in 2017, it has successfully operated wealth management products for some of the largest fintech companies in China and Hong Kong. It's ranked amongst the top 50 coins on Coin Market Cap and is listed on a number of the top global exchanges including OKEX, HitBTC, Bitthumb and Hoo.

Molecular Future is currently building the world's first decentralised financial derivatives exchange.

● If I'm already a member of another Crypto Company - should I still join the HyperCommunity?

This is a personal decision that only you can make. Hyperfund Global members are shielded against the possibility of bitcoin ever falling in price.

Having the Hyperfund Global package aligned to a stable coin (USD Tether) linked to the US dollar would allow one to buy bitcoin at lower levels should bitcoin come down in price at any point.

● What Support is available to members of the HyperCommunity?

The HyperCommunity prides itself on its level of support, which is provided via its Telegram group.

Members asking questions on the group will be answered promptly, and members experiencing, for example, technical issues will be helped wherever possible.

● What are the tax implications surrounding gains I make through the HyperCommunity?

Any gains deposited into your bank account will likely be construed as income. It is beholden on the member to declare tax and pay tax.

This is the responsibility of the member and not the HyperCommunity. It is recommended that members seek expert advice in this regard.

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